Well, here I am! My first blog post on my own, personal blog. Yay! Of course I’ve written many blog posts for Writer Beware’s blog, which I inaugurated, years ago, but Writer Beware has a clearly defined “agenda,” namely helping writers safely navigate the often murky and perilous waters on their voyage to publication.

Here, in my own blog, I’ll be telling you a bit about my life as a writer, about critters and people I love (my cat, Mocha, for one, wait till I post his picture!). I’ll also be offering Basic Writing Tips, giving a little advice, and posting about my upcoming projects.

At the moment, and for the past three years, my life has been dominated by Johnny Depp in the person of Captain Jack Sparrow of Pirates of the Caribbean. Three years ago I was hired by Disney Editions to write the prequel to Pirates of the Caribbean as a novel — which I did, though it was one of the biggest challenges I’ve ever faced as a writer.

And now Pirates of the Caribbean: The Price of Freedom will become a reality in just 45 more days. I can scarcely believe it’s going to finally be a book! All that research on life as a sailor in the early 1700′s, on real historical pirates, on sailing square riggers around the Triangle (Africa to the Caribbean, then north with the Gulf Stream along the coast of America, then across to England or Europe) and on the Disney Pirates of the Caribbean universe — all of it coming together in a big, hardcover book readers can open and read!

Wow! I haven’t been so excited about a new book arriving on my doorstep in a long time.

So…come in, welcome to my blog, sit down, make yourself comfortable. I’m setting my goal at blogging at least several times a week, more if I can spare the time. But I warn you, I’m starting a new book, so there may be times that I “vanish” for a while. I get very focused, very single-minded, when I’m deep into a project. I think most writers are like that.

I now declare this blog officially “open.” Too bad one can’t smash a bottle of champagne over a monitor without doing it serious damage. But perhaps we can all have a virtual glass to toast this new effort of mine?

Wishing you smooth sailing…

-Ann C. Crispin