Hi, folks!

Thank goodness I did a full dress rehearsal of my costume yesterday!

The boots worked great. My second pair of pirate pants fit just fine. My new coat needs steaming, but also fits. I found a rip in my shirt and mended it.

I was feeling quite smug by the time I got ready to put on my black leather corset. And, you guessed it, pride goeth before a fall. My consarned laces aren’t long enough to lace the thing up correctly. My new friend Rachel Graves (congratulations on your first book sale to Tor, Rachel) had Tweeted me that she’d be available for consultation on corset-wearing, so I called her up, only to find that I really need two long lacing strings, not just one, and that to fit really well, the corset must be laced from top to bottom with one string, then from the bottom up with the other, so the two strings meet in the middle and are tied in the middle of one’s back.

So this morning I’m off to buy really long shoe lacings, or black ribbon, whichever I can find most easily.

I found out there will be music and actual dancing at the Fells Point Swashbuckler soiree…a sort of “Buccaneer’s Ball” — neat! Two tickets are waiting for Michael and me. Will I dare to try and dance wearing all of this…stuff? Only time will tell. I do know that we’ll be taking the camera, and if we get any decent pictures, I’ll post them here.

Another nice thing…turns out Rachel is a pirate enthusiast and plans to attend the Privateer Day on Saturday. So we’ll get to meet, and I can thank her personally for all the advice re: wearing a corset.

I’ll tell you, yesterday as Michael and I struggled with the recalcitrant thing, I found myself remembering Elizabeth Swann’s words just before she whacked the undead pirate with an oar. “You like pain and suffering? Try wearing a CORSET!”

I hear ya, Liz. I understand completely.

Cross your fingers for no wardrobe malfunctions for me tonight or tomorrow!

Yo ho, yo ho, a pirate’s life for me!

-Ann C. Crispin