Hi, folks!

I’m updating my appearance calendar to reflect all kinds of neat things, like the launch party for The Price of Freedom to be held at Balticon. (Saturday at 6:00, May 28, in the Garden Room of The Hunt Valley Marriott in Cockeysville, Maryland.) Disney will be providing appetizer type goodies and book dealer Tim Doyle from Bayside Books has graciously agreed to sell books there, so I can sign them!

So if you’re planning on attending Balticon, by all means come to the launch party. Come in costume if you like! (I have no idea whether I will be in costume…maybe if y’all beg, I might do it. And I had someone to lace up my consarned corset…) .

I’m also getting ready to post the final TWO excerpts from The Price of Freedom just before we launch! (I know I said one excerpt, but I decided to add one as a bonus!)

So keep watching the website for the next couple of days.

Note the cool ad Disney came up with, for the Balticon program book. NIce, eh?