Ahoy, mates! As promised, here is the trivia contest to win a FREE copy of Pirates of the Caribbean: The Price of Freedom. I’m going to list the rules below, then the twenty trivia questions and one essay question tie-breaker.

* You must respond as a comment to this post, not on Facebook or via email or Twitter. Responses will be held in the moderation queue and will not appear on the blog, so don’t think it got lost.

* Each correct answer is worth five points. There will be 20 “scoring” questions, so a perfect score would be 100.

* The contest will run until 5:00 PM next Monday, June 27, 2011. Entries after that time will not be counted.

* In case of a tie score, the winner will be chosen on the basis of the tie-breaker essay question. Points for originality and sincerity.

* It’s my blog, so I’m the sole judge.

* The trivia questions will be taken from the four POTC films, OR from the posted excerpts of The Price of Freedom on my website (http://www.accrispin.com/projectp.htm).

* If there’s a tie score and two equally impressive answers to the tie-breaker question, I’ll give away a second autographed copy of the book.

* The winner(s) will be asked to email me the name and mailing address, so I can send them their copy of the book, savvy?

* I reserve the right to post the winning essay(s) on the blog.

So, if that’s clear, let’s proceed with the questions!


1. Which of his cherished personal “effects” did Jack Sparrow lose in “On Stranger Tides?”

2. What is the name of the ship Elizabeth Swann stows away on during “Dead Man’s Chest?”

3. Two part question: In The Price of Freedom, what is the name of the Pirate Lord of the Caspian Sea? What is the name of his vessel? (each part is worth 2.5 points)

4. In the film epilogue to “At World’s End,” how old is the child we see with Elizabeth Turner?

5. In The Price of Freedom, what does Cutler Beckett collect that Jack Sparrow admires, and attempts to touch?

6. What was Governor Swann’s first name?

7. What sea creatures festooned “Bootstrap Bill” Turner ‘s face while he served aboard The Flying Dutchman?

8. What was the name of Captain Barbossa’s Royal Navy ship in “On Stranger Tides?”

9. When Jack Sparrow negotiated with Davy Jones, how long did Captain Jones give him to be Captain of the Black Pearl before his debt to Jones had to be paid?

10. In The Price of Freedom, what is the name and rank of Ayisha’s mother?

11. Two-part question: In “Curse of the Black Pearl” which of Barbossa’s cursed crewmen had only one eye? What was the significance of this crewman’s wooden eye? (Each answer is worth 2.5 points.)

12. As seen in The Price of Freedom, what kind of cannon does the Wicked Wench have on her gun deck, (also referred to as the main deck)?

13. Which three Spanish conquistadores/explorers are mentioned by name in the POTC films?

14. What type of ship is Cutler Beckett’s flagship, The Endeavour, as shown in “At World’s End?”

15. In The Price of Freedom, what is Captain Teague’s first name?

16. In “Curse of the Black Pearl” which famous pirates established the rules for “parley?”

17. In The Price of Freedom, where did Doña Pirata first learn to fence?

18. In “At World’s End,” what is the name of Captain Sao Feng’s flagship?

19. In The Price of Freedom, what item of clothing worn by Princess Amenirdis casts a powerful illusion?

20. In “On Stranger Tides” what is the bottom-most item on the new “dingle” that hangs down over the left side of Jack’s red bandanna?

(The tiebreaker essay question): Briefly explain why you hope you’re the one to win this trivia contest and an autographed copy of Pirates of the Caribbean: The Price of Freedom.