Okay, aspiring writers, it’s time to click on that “comment” bar and VOTE for what you want me to address in my next writing post! We have only two votes so far, one for “avoiding predictability” and one for “writing query letters.” I need a majority of votes here, so I know what you want learn about!

This is a real opportunity for you — a free chance to learn what I know about a writing topic. Respond here on the blog, tell me which of the following topics you’d like me to address in my next post. (I’ll probably do them all, sooner or later, but YOU get to decide which will be sooner!)

Creating believable characters in fiction.

Writing query letters that get results.

How to satisfy the reader without being predictable.

Today is Friday. I’ll give you until Monday at noon to respond, then write the blog post next Monday afternoon.

So cast your vote! Savvy?

-Ann C. Crispin