Okay, folks, the topic “How to satisfy the reader while avoiding being predictable” has won the vote by a landslide. It received 12 votes. I’ll start writing it today, and probably finish it up tomorrow, then post it.

Are you one of the folks who voted for “query letters” or “creating believable characters?” Do not despair. There are comprehensive articles RIGHT ON MY WEBSITE that address both of those topics. Bet you didn’t know that, did you?

Here is the link to the two essays on “Creating Believable Characters” and “Notes on Finding a (Real) Literary Agent,” a soup to nuts article that includes several pages on how to write query letters that will get an agent to request your material.


After you’ve read the essays, feel free to ask questions about what you’ve read, here on the blog. I’ll be happy to answer them.

There are also some articles on query letters on http://www.agentquery.com. And for many useful threads on both of these topics, plus many other subjects of interest to aspiring and experienced writers, check out the articles and posts at http://www.absolutewrite.com.

Thanks so much for voting, and I’m off to work on the article you’ve chosen!

-Ann C. Crispin