I just called the wildlife rescue folks about our rescued owl. It seems she is a female, and my geek side wants to name her “Hedwig.” Do y’all have any other suggestions for a female Great Horned Owl?

When I stood not far away from her yesterday, I noticed that her throat was moving up and down as though she were having trouble swallowing. The wildlife rescue and rehabilitation gent, Ron, told me that she had apparently had the bad judgment to attack a skunk. In addition to biting her talon (it was bleeding when they captured her) the skunk sprayed its spray right into her open beak, and that acidic spray went right down her throat! That’s why she was acting as though she couldn’t swallow.

Ron said that they have flushed her throat and esophagus out twice, and put her on an anti-inflammatory med and antibiotics. Ms. Owl threw up her dinner last night, but kept her breakfast down.

Ron says he thinks they’ll be able to release her back into our woods late one afternoon before I go to Reno for Renovation on the 17th of August.

So…our owl is receiving good care, and is on the mend! Owls are supposedly quite smart. Bet she won’t tangle with any skunks again!

Oh, and additional wildlife update…

Just now we looked out the back door, and lo and behold there were three deer right in the backyard, eating the vines that have grown up over the horse fence. A young stag with velvet on his short antlers, mommy deer, and Bambi, still with spots.

They’re really cute, but they’d better stay away from my roses! (Which are now barricaded in with Irish Spring soap, btw.)

More updates as I receive them!