Basic WritingTip#22: DO NOT schlep manuscripts to Worldcon in the hope an agent or editor will want to take them off your hands and read them, then make you an offer of representation or want to acquire the book before climbing on the plane to go back to NYC. The only result from wandering around a Worldcon with a briefcase full of manuscripts is that your arms will get tired.

Instead, memorize a good, vivid “sound byte” about your novel (it’s sometimes called an “elevator pitch”) and bring nice, professional looking business cards instead. Don’t follow editors or agents into bathrooms, or stalk them at meals, but talk to them after panels. If, after hearing your brief pitch, they give you a business card and say, “Send me your book,” don’t lose the card and be sure to follow through!

Don’t wear your oldest, ripped up Dr. Who or Star Trek teeshirt to panels where editors or agents you might want to approach are appearing to discuss publishing. Think “business casual.”

Also…don’t approach pro writers and ask them to read your novel, critique it, or introduce you to their publisher or agent. This is considered extremely tacky.

Try to relax and enjoy yourself. Worldcons are all about fun, though it’s great if you can also manage to network!

Good luck!