Hi, folks:

You might have noticed that I’ve been very sparse with blog posts lately. That’s because I’m spearheading a big project, and I just don’t have time to blog. My big project is that I’ve sold the StarBridge series to Ridan Publishing, http://ridanpublishing.com, and they’ll be re-issuing the series as e-books, and, eventually, in print editions also.

The StarBridge series is seven books long. That’s a lot of books, even though most of them were written in collaboration, and my collaborators have been great in helping to get the series re-issued. Kathy O’Malley OCR’d all the books, and each of my collaborators proofed his or her own book. But as the series creator, and author or co-author of the books, I have to proof each book, as well as write new Author Notes for them, etc. It’s been a big task, and I’ve been working away at it for the past month or so. (Before that was Renovation and Dragoncon!)

So…I’ll revive the blog when I’m done, and until then, know that I’m doing what an author SHOULD be doing…writing, or writing-related works.

I hope that those of you who like First Contact science fiction will check out the StarBridge series. I believe Ridan plans to begin releasing them sometime in November.

Have a great Halloween!

-Ann C. Crispin