We had a wonderful time on Cape Cod. Victoria and Rob’s Cape Cod house is gorgeous. They renovated it from stem to stern, doing most of the work themselves. For pictures of the house, check out Rob Robertson’s FB page. Victoria has lovely taste, and the house is beautiful. Completely modern kitchen with a gorgeous backsplash, beautiful ceramic master bath, a spacious “great room” (dining room and family room) plus a more formal living room. Hardwood floors throughout. Incidentally, Victoria and Rob plan to rent the house next summer, so if you’re interested in renting it, do contact Victoria Strauss or her husband, Rob Robertson. The house has central air, and that’s a blessing, since most Cape rentals don’t! (It can get hot in mid-summer on the Cape, though usually the heat doesn’t last very long.)

The house is located in the “elbow” portion of Cape Cod, right in the center. We were maybe half an hour’s drive from most of the beaches, and we went to a different beach to walk almost every day.

We went to stony Chapin Beach, and picked up big and small rocks for Victoria’s garden and as a decoration in the house. The little beach pebbles were smoothed by the waves, and were quite lovely. Michael and Rob swam. Victoria is not a water person, and, due to my dialysis catheter, I can’t swim any more, so we walked in the surf, which was warm. If you go to Chapin Beach, water shoes are advised. The beach is very rocky.

We also went to S. Yarmouth beach, which was littered with dried seaweed and the carapaces of horseshoe crabs. They were everywhere, and some of them were a foot or more across.

Nauset Beach was probably my favorite. It was sandy and Michael, Vic and I took a long, long walk on it. We walked at least a mile, then turned around and hiked back. By the time we got back to our beach chairs and Rob (who was taking a nap in the sunshine) we were pretty tired.

We also spent time at Chatham Beach and First Encounter Beach. Chatham is a lot of fun. Every time we go to the Cape, Vic and I go shopping in Chatham. There are some great shops.

We went out to dinner at some very nice restaurants. One was the Yarmouth House, and I had lobster thermidor. I’d never had it before. Boy, was it rich!

We also got REAL fried clam rolls at Golden Boy and Captain Frosty’s. Real fried clams are the ones with the bellies. None of those insipid “fried clam strips” for yours truly. I’m from New England and I eat the real thing.

I also had so many lobster rolls that Michael and Vic kidded that I’d never get my fill. Well, by the time we left, I’d slowed down considerably, but I could still eat one, if it were offered.

I spent a day with horses with my friend Bill McMullen. He teaches dressage and trains some horses at an equestrian center in Dennis. I’m so proud of Bill! He’s a respected dressage trainer, rider and judge. And to think when he was a kid, I used to take him riding on his pony, Puff!

Probably the nicest dinner out we had was in Provincetown after Michael and I went on a whale watch. (Saw lots of humpbacks.)
We went to a restaurant we’d been to before, Napi’s. It was a really nice dinner. Then we drove home, stopping midway to do some stargazing on the beach, where it was nice and dark.

Victoria and I both cooked. I made homemade pizza and quiche, and Vic made her signature rissoto and a delicious pasta dish.

All in all, a great vacation!