As of yesterday, I have terminated my contract with Ridan publishing. If you have been thinking of buying any of my StarBridge novels, please do not, at this time. In particular, please don’t purchase them from the Ridan website, because I have received complaints that Ridan is not filling orders for my books.

When I signed on with Ridan, it was a thriving company. I checked out their bottom line, and investigated them thoroughly. Their authors spoke enthusiastically about the company and its owner. But in the past six months or so, Ridan has pretty much stopped communicating with me. My last two certified letters, which included the contract termination letter, were never picked up at the post office. Even though StarBridge came out on December 5, 2011, I have never received a royalty payment from Ridan.

I know some of you were waiting for books 6 and 7 in the StarBridge series. Those books were turned in months ago, edited and ready to go, but they have never been released.

It’s my understanding that the CEO of Ridan had some serious personal problems last winter. I am sorry for that. But I have to think of my co-authors, and my series. In my opinion, Ridan has not, so far, acted in good faith. I wrote to them one last time yesterday, advising them of the steps they must take and reminding them that they no longer have the right to sell the five StarBridge they have released or the two they have not.

I hope that my email will be read, and all of this can be resolved in a civil fashion.

If you are interested in the StarBridge books, please know that I am not abandoning them. I plan to re-release them myself as soon as I can commission cover/graphic art, and we re-convert the files. Those who have purchased the Ridan titles should not be affected by this change. I’m very sorry it has come to this.