Great news! The StarBridge books available for sale as e-books on Amazon, B&N, and have now been transferred back to me and my collaborators. We will be working to create new editions with different covers, updating the files to take Ridan’s name off them, etc., but the books — and the money — are now ours, rather than Ridan’s. Ridan cooperated on sending us the files, and we have confirmed that royalty payments have been paid. Ridan has NOT removed the books from its website yet; do not purchase my books there or on iTunes, where, for technical reasons, there is difficulty transferring the titles.

Re-launching the books with new covers will take some time, obviously. I’d also like to have them available in hardcopy and as audio books. We’re investigating ways to do that.

In the meantime, the current editions will be for sale on, Barnes and, and, and the payments will go in their entirety to me and my collaborators. So if you were thinking of purchasing them, you can do so and know that your money will go to the authors and not Ridan. 🙂

Also, thanks to Robin Sullivan, Ancestor’s World, (StarBridge 6) should be appearing for sale on Amazon and B&N in a day or two, with Voices of Chaos (StarBridge 7) to follow in a week or so.

While this is obviously not what I had hoped for when I published with Ridan, I hope that all this publicity about the StarBridge books will bring them to the attention of more readers, and those who wish me well will consider buying copies, not out of charity, but because they are fun reads.