After the hard time I had in December with that bad reaction to the new chemo drug, I was left quite weak and wobbly. I went back to physical therapy as soon as I could manage it, but Michael decided we could rest better and exercise more in Florida. So, on Saturday, January 12th, we flew into Tampe, then drove down to the family time-share in Englewood. We got in about 10 o’clock PM, and went right to bed, with the sound of the Gulf swooshing in our ears.

The next few days, we walked on the beach most every day. One drawback was that there was some Red Tide out on the Gulf, south of where we were staying, but people were coughing, and it didn’t take long for my asthma to react. We went up to Venice a few times, and that’s a nice town. I had a fried clam roll there…yum.

Almost every day we went beachcombing, looking for shark’s teeth. They’re a lot harder to find these days, because the currents have changed. But we found probably 30 or 40, and some of them were quite nice. A few shells also, though we have so many from previous trips to Manasota Key that we didn’t look for them too hard.

Every day I climbed the 17 steps to the timeshare unit at least two or three times. My physical therapist will be glad that I kept up with my workouts!

It was cloudy and rainy two days, and those days we went off to the movies. We saw “The Hobbit” again, and “Les Miserables.”

At the end of our first week in Florida, the breeze finally died down enough for us to go kayaking. We saw a lot of birds — great blue herons, smaller herons, ibis, storks, brown pelicans, white pelicans, and ospreys. Michael swore he glimpsed a bald eagle, but I wasn’t so sure.

I also found a nice stable, Branded Heart Stables, and went for a horseback ride. It was so much fun, though I knew I would be sore the next day, and I was. Getting up all those stairs…ouch! But it wore off pretty quickly.

On the Wednesday we were due to fly back, we drove to St. Petersburg and toured the Salvador Dali Gallery there. It’s a gorgeous facility, and they had some early works there on loan from Spain.

Then we climbed back on a plane, and came home to driving snow and 22 degree temps. Brrrr!

But we had fun in Florida, even though it was kind of a low-key visit. I am regaining my strength rapidly…I start the new round of chemo at the end of this month.

Michael will be posting some pictures soon. 🙂