Michael and I celebrated our 12th wedding anniversary on February 7th with a really lovely dinner out. And it turns out Michael hadn’t planned just a dinner at a very nice restaurant (the Treaty of Paris in Annapolis), he’d also sprung for the “romantic getaway.” So we had a lovely dinner (crab appetizers, salad, and rack of lamb with risotto and roasted carrots). Then, in our room later, they delivered a bottle of champagne.

The next morning it was breakfast in the Treaty of Paris (French toast for Michael, Crabcakes Benedict for me). We’d hoped to wander around Annapolis for a while, but it was drizzly and cold, so we hopped back in the car and drove home. Last night we caught up on “The Big Bang Theory.” My friend Teresa turned me on to watching it, and it’s usually pretty funny. Laughter is good medicine, as they say!


Also, I promised I’d comment on the news that Disney plans to do a film based on the early life of Han Solo. Some folks were saying they hoped that Disney would film my trilogy for the movie.

Wow, that would be a thrill, though it’s extremely unlikely. They own the work, of course. It’s copyrighted to them. If they made a movie of it, they wouldn’t give me any credit, or a single sou.

But I very much doubt they’ll use any material from my novels, or any of the other Star Wars novels, even though they’re supposed to be “canon.” J.J. Abrams will come up with his own story. At least he’s SEEN the original Star Wars. He bragged that he’d never in his life seen the original Star Trek.

What do I guess the film might be about? Well, there were several things I was instructed NOT to write about in any detail. One was Han’s mom and dad. I was faced with the challenge of trying to explain how Han discovered his cousin, Thracken Sal Solo, without ever knowing anything about this parents, even their names.

I was also told not to go into any detail about Han’s Academy days. I think this is a possibility for the film. In the early days of my writing The Hutt Gambit, I was instructed that I was not even permitted to explain how Han first encountered Chewie –!!!

Naturally, this was impossible for someone who had to write about their relationship. I was so disconcerted by these orders from Lucasfilm that I actually began a scene and sent it to the licensing approval person (Sue Rostoni, at that time). It went something like this:

“Han Solo sat in the pilot’s seat of the freighter, and carefully made an adjustment to their speed. “Prepare for the jump to lightspeed,” he said, glancing sideways at the giant Wookiee who occupied the co-pilot’s seat. “Hnnnnrrrrhhhh,” the Wookiee acknowledged.

Han frowned. What WAS that Wookiee’s name? He had no idea where he’d come from, or why he insisted on tagging along wherever Han went this past month. Han had told him to leave several times, but the Wookiee — oh, yeah, his name was Chewbacca, or something like that — merely shook his head, mumbling something about a “Life Debt.”

Han didn’t remember anything he’d done that might have brought about something as serious as a Life Debt.

Hmmmmm…he frowned. Maybe it was because of that bender he’d gone on, after he’d been kicked out of the Academy. He couldn’t remember WHY he’d been kicked out of the Academy. But at some point he’d taken a whack on the head when he’d been so drunk he couldn’t stay on this feet. Maybe that was why he couldn’t remember anything about the Wookiee and why he kept hanging around. I really shouldn’t get that loaded, Han thought ruefully. I’m never doing THAT again…”


At any rate, I sent what I wrote to Lucasfilm, and apparently it gave them a good laugh. Next order to come down was that I was allowed to write a brief explanation of how Han had saved Chewie’s life when he was enslaved by the Empire, and had gotten cashiered for his pains.

That was a big relief, trust me! It would have been almost impossible to write the rest of the Han Solo Trilogy with that prohibition in place!

So my guess is that Disney will make a film about Han’s days in the Academy. But it’s just a guess…