I’m getting calls from friends who are concerned because I’ve been scarce online. I’m sorry to be so scarce. Truth is, I had to have another transfusion this week. I keep getting dangerously anemic. The chemo is going pretty well, and I have hopes it will help in the long run. But it’s hard to drag around, breathing hard from just going up a short flight of stairs. The transfusions help, but I sort of feel guilty getting blood that could be going to victims of car crashes, etc. Even though I have a common blood type, and have been assured that there’s no shortage in the DC area.

One of the fun things we did this week was drive off to a remote location in farm country (not far from our house) and watch for Comet Panstarrs. I was able to make out the incredibly thin crescent of the new moon, and above and to the left, a blobby smudge that had to be the comet. I wouldn’t have been able to see it if it weren’t for Michael’s high-power astronomical binoculars, and his comprehensive knowledge of where to look. As a comet this one seems to me to be a big disappointment. Last night we were watching a second season episode of Game of Thrones, and there was the comet that heralded the wars and the return of dragons to the world. Visible in daylight, crimson as fresh-spilled blood. I turned to Michael and said, “Now THERE is a comet!” They say there’s going to be another one in November, a much better one. Bring it on, sez I!

I have a nice outing to look forward to this weekend. Michael and I and a couple of good friends are going to see the “Pre-Raphaelite” exhibition at the National Gallery, then grab some Indian food afterwards. Should be a good time! I’ll give you my comments on it next week.

BTW, stay tuned for an important announcement later today or tomorrow morning.