For those who haven’t heard, Ann “A. C.” Crispin died on September 6, 2013. Her legacy will live on. Now, Ann’s last completed book, TIME HORSE, has been published for the first time as an ebook for Kindle. It’s the story of Danielle Tomasky, who is twelve years old and wants nothing in the world but a horse to ride. She finds a horse that turns out to be something extraordinary, and that takes her on a magnificent adventure back to a time that tests every one of Danni’s equestrian skills to their limits.

Praise for Time Horse

“Time Horse is a wonderful romp imbued not only with a marvelous sense of history, but with wonderfully drawn characters–human and equine–who prove that heroes come in all shapes and ages.”

— Doranna Durgin, author of the Changespell Saga

“TIME HORSE reminds me of all the wonderful horse books I devoured as a teen. A passionate and knowledgeable young rider. A mysterious, amazing horse. And a mission to challenge them both! The details of having a horse, and caring for one, shine through. This is the perfect gift for the horse-lover in your life, even if that’s you!”

— Julie E. Czerneda, author of A Turn of Light

“I think the Time Horse is real. It took me back in time to when I was a horse crazy girl saving milk money in a jug to buy a horse of my own. Alas, it never happened, but I still hung out around horses at a local stable, and all of AC Crispin’s lovingly crafted details took me there–the scents, the textures, the horse sense. The same eye for detail also placed me over two hundred years in the past as our heroine and her very special steed face danger and excitement in Revolutionary era America. A very satisfying read. I wish we could have more stories of the adventures of Eilyn and Neideo.”

— Kristen Britain, author of the Green Rider series.