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A Very Personal Post

I know I’ve been pretty quiet on the social media lately, and I’ve decided that I owe you, and myself, an explanation. It’s intensely personal, and I’ve always been a socially outgoing, but essentially rather private person, especially when the chips are down.

But things are looking up lately, so I decided today it was a good time to “come clean” with all of you who follow my blog, and my Facebook notes, and Twitter. I enjoy the social media, and lately I haven’t had the energy for much of it. Some of you may have been wondering why.

I have cancer. I started having symptoms last year, and my doctors spent several months searching for the small, but aggressive, tumor that was causing them. In early November, my surgeon removed my left kidney, and in he went back in and removed cancer that had spread to my bladder. I was lucky. I still have my bladder.

I had many tests run, both before and after these procedures, and at first it seemed that I was lucky, that the cancer was confined to the kidney, ureter and bladder. But my doctors were very cautious, and I was tested again just before Christmas, 2011. Bad news…the cancer had spread. I would need aggressive chemotherapy to treat the aggressive carcinoma, and I had about a 50% chance that the most successful chemo “cocktail” would be effective.

I started chemo in early January of this year, and have been undergoing it ever since. It didn’t help matters that I developed a painful injury in my left shoulder right about the same time, and was having to undergo two kinds of physical therapy — one for the shoulder injury, the other to help me recover from the nephrectomy. But I have a great physical therapist. The shoulder injury is just about healed. And I’ve managed to keep up some of my strength, even while undergoing the chemo.

A few weeks ago, I underwent extensive tests to see how the chemo was affecting the “hot spots” the doctors had seen in my PET scan. The results were most encouraging. My bladder is also still clear of tumors. But not all of those “hot spots” were gone, though many had “resolved” i.e., vanished. I’m now undergoing my second course of chemo to get rid of the remaining ones.

Chemo, as most people know, can be pretty debilitating. Sometimes I feel mostly okay, other times I’m pretty sick. The one constant is feeling tired all the time. I just don’t have the energy to keep up with social media much. When I can, I will. But my physical therapy, doctor visits, etc., have to come first. It’s like having a part-time job, going to all my medical appointments.

When I have the energy to write, and proofread, I’ve been working on getting the StarBridge series released as e-books. It’s taken much longer than I thought it would, but only two books left to go! StarBridge will be my only source of income this year, so it has to be my No.1 priority. Thank goodness for my collaborators. They have all helped out tremendously.

When I can manage it, I’ve also been working on Winds of Vengeance, sequel to Storms of Destiny.

I’m blessed with a wonderful, supportive husband. I have an excellent medical team at a top hospital in the Washington area. We have health insurance, thank God. And the support of my close friends has helped keep me going. I hope to make it to Shore Leave this summer. We’ll see. This weekend I’ll be attending the SFWA meeting and Nebula Awards on Saturday. We’re getting a room, so I’ll have someplace to rest when I need it.

I hope soon to be able to be back to my former self, posting writing tips, recipes, and things from my life. This second course of chemo will take up much of my summer, but now that I know it’s working, it’s much easier to bear. Any spare good wishes, positive vibes, or prayers are appreciated.

Thanks for reading this.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

I thought I’d commemorate the day by making a blog post, though, to the best of my knowledge, none of the principles in it are Irish. (Yes, I know St. Crispin was the Irish patron saint of shoemakers, and that the Battle of Agincourt was fought on St. Crispin’s Day, but I’m not of Irish extraction. Mostly Welsh, according to my dad’s genalogical research, with some German. I married the name “Crispin” and began writing using it. By the time of my divorce, it was too late to try and change my writing name.)

I thought you might e interested in hearing about the only time I’ve ever had a face to face meeting with a known writing scammer. I still laugh when I remember that day.

You see, once upon a time the guy running a bogus writing contest tried to bribe me into keeping mum about his chicanery.

If the name “Mitchell Gross” or “Mitchell Graham isn’t familiar to you, check it out on Writer Beware’s blog.

So here we have both myself and Mitchell Gross, aka Mitchell Graham, both guests at Dragoncon about ten years go. Gross is the guy who set up the Merrill Writing Contest, with a $5000 prize, and hired prominent s.f. writer Ben Bova to judge it. Trouble was, there was only one entry…Mitchell’s own. So of course Ben declared the sole entrant to be the winner, which was according to the rules. (Ben thought this odd, but rules are rules, and most writers aren’t as scam conscious as Victoria and I are.)

So Mitchell Graham won his own contest. Writer Beware did a lot of computer searching and tracing before we were able to link the contest with Mitchell’s own financial projects, because it was pretty hidden. We also verified that it had no link (as had been implied to us) to Merrill Lynch.

Aha. When I went to DragonCon that year, I was on a panel with Mitchell, the brand new shiny contest winning author who’d just had his brand new “award winning” book released from HarperCollins. Matter of fact, I sat next to him. When time came for me to do my usual brief Writer Beware summary, I was careful to mention that the “Merrill Company’s” contest was bogus and by all means don’t send them any entries. I didn’t look at Mitchell when I said it, but I stationed a friend in the second row with orders to watch his expression. The moment I said it, his face took on a startled, then panicky expression, then smoothed out very quickly. Con artists get good at that.

Heh heh, I thought. So he knows we’re on to him. He won’t attempt to bilk anyone else with his “contest.” And he didn’t.

But that’s not the end of the story. I had barely walked in the door from DragonCon, when my home phone rang. It was Mitchell.

“Say, Ann, I found your cellphone case right below where you were sitting. Did you miss it yet?”

“Can’t be mine,” I said.

“Oh, you need to check,” Mitchell insisted. “I’m sure I saw it with you while we were sitting there. And there’s $500 bucks in the front compartment. I’ll send it right up to you, Fed Ex. You’ll have it tomorrow.”


For a moment I was struck by the sheer ballsiness of a guy who assumed everyone was as dishonest as he is. Then I shook my head, and grinned. “Nope, Mitchell. Can’t be mine. I don’t have a cellphone case.”

“Are you sure?” he sounded less sure of himself, now.

“Yes, positive,” I said. “Oh…and congratulations on winning such a…prestigious…contest.”

Silence on the other end. Then he said, quietly, “Thank you.”

“I have to go now,” I said, gently, with an evil smile. “Bye.”

And that was my only face to face encounter with a writing scammer. Of course, since that time, Mitchell has gone on to bigger and better scams. See the link I posted.

-Ann C. Crispin
Chair, Writer Beware

3/17/2012 12:46 PM

We got back from NYC last night. What a wonderful short trip! We drove up on Tuesday, stayed overnight in a friend’s apartment, then departed for Manhattan on Wednesday morning. Met friends for lunch at an Indian buffet, then checked into the Lombardy for our night on the town.

We had a great room. They called it a “studio” rather than a suite, but it had a living room and kitchen area, as well as a huge bedroom. Really nice!

After we hung up our stuff, we set off into a chilly blast of NY wind to look at holiday decorations. The windows at Berdorf Goodman were amazing, gorgeous, wild and creative. See them if you get a chance. We saw the big tree at Rockefeller Center, and walked through Tiffany’s to warm up.

Then we went back to the hotel, and got dressed for the theater. The Hugh Jackman “Back on Broadway” show at the Broadhurst was just wonderful. I am such a fan of his. That man has charisma in spades. He was so cute, funny, handsome, sexy, and charming it ought to be illegal. Not to mention that he can sing and dance. He’s no Gene Kelly, but he’s very watchable. And his singing voice is very nice indeed. He deserved his Tony. We saw a few minutes of his Peter Allen persona from “The Boy from Oz.” What an about-face! Suddenly he was totally GAY, flirting with the guys in the front row, dressed in gold lame.

He did a lovely tribute to his home, with Aborigines playing digeridoo, and recitations in their native language. It brought back our trip to Australia last summer.

Jackman ended the show by raising a LOT of money for “Broadway Cares” by auctioning off the tank tops and belt he’d worn in the show, plus signed posters. When the bidding STARTED at a thousand dollars, I was not tempted to bid. But he really put himself out to raise the money.

The next day we went off to the Museum of Natural History — along with about a million other people who all had the same idea, unfortunately. I ran into FB and s.f. field pal Janna Silverstein (who lives in SEATTLE) — what are the odds?

Rob and Victoria and Michael and I nevertheless managed to have a good time. And later that night, we had Italian food at a little place only a block or so from the museum.

It was a wonderful trip!

A Cat for Christmas

Merry holidays to all my readers. Every one.

StarBridge is now available as an e-book!

Hi, Folks:

I promised I’d post the Author Afterwords from StarBridge Book One, and here they are. The first was written when StarBridge first appeared, and the second, updated one I wrote last month for the new Ridan electronic edition of the book.

Hope you enjoy them!


One day when I was in the third grade, I went to my local library and discovered something terrifying: I had read all the horse books!
Horrors! A lifetime of desolate boredom stretched before me. Desperately I scanned the shelves, searching frantically for something new to read. My tracing fingers halted on a volume with a rocket on its spine. I pulled it out began turning pages, and within a minute or two, laid the book beside me instead of putting it back on the shelf. Rocket to Luna, by Richard Marsden, I believe it was. And within minutes, another joined it . . . Star Rangers, by Andre Norton.

I don’t remember which one I read first, but by the time I’d finished both, I was hooked. Science fiction was my passion. I read all the books with the rocket on the spine, and all the books by Andre Norton . . . and as the years went by books by Robert Heinlein, Isaac Asimov, Theodore Sturgeon, Samuel R. Delaney, Harlan Ellison, Roger Zelazny, Anne McCaffrey, Ursula K. LeGuin . . . the list goes on and on.
In the early days of my science fiction reading, though I continued to devour space adventures eagerly, I began to feel that something was missing. It wasn’t until I was fourteen and read Andre Norton’s Ordeal in Otherwhere that I finally figured out what the missing “something” was. Females. Girls. Women. I wanted space adventures featuring female protagonists!

Not just girls who got rescued once in a while, but women who had adventures—the kind of adventures the male protagonists had. Why couldn’t there be female space pilots, or traders, or explorers, I wondered. It wasn’t fair for the guys to have all the fun!
Of course, nowadays we have Cirocco Jones, Ellen Ripley, Kate Harlin (from Anne Moroz’s No Safe Place) and dozens of other great female protagonists. Heroines abound in science fiction and fantasy. But in those days, until Andre wrote about Charis Nordholm (her heroine in Ordeal), women were conspicuous only by their absence.

Even in Star Trek, which I loved and watched from its inception, most of the females did little more than swoon over James T. Kirk. (You’ll note I said most. There were a few notable exceptions, such as “Number One.” Gene Roddenberry has stated that the network moguls turned pale at the idea of having a woman second-in-command. “Get rid of her,” they commanded. “And while you’re at it, get rid of that guy with the ears, too.” Oh, well. These were the same people who cancelled the show after its third season, on the grounds that it wasn’t popular enough, so that shows how in touch with reality they were.)

More years went by. I became a writer myself, and enjoyed having my female protagonists explore, lead, fight, spy—and even rescue the guys, from time to time.

Then, in 1985, my agent said that she thought the time was ripe for a series of space adventure books—and she suggested that I invent one. Thus StarBridge was born. I knew what I liked to read, and I knew from the popularity of my Star Trek books that other people liked to read the same kinds of stories. So I sat down to invent a universe where those kinds of stories could be set; books about adventure in space, featuring lots of interesting aliens, with the emphasis on character interaction rather than hardware.

Books like those old space-adventure tales that I’d loved as a kid—with one difference. You guessed it—the heroes of these stories could be either male or female. I had a lot of fun working with such a wide-open universe – a universe big enough that seven novels barely scratched the surface.

Here’s hoping you enjoy StarBridge, and the six novels that follow it: Silent Dances, Shadow World, Serpent’s Gift, Silent Songs, Ancestor’s World and Voices of Chaos.

—Ann Crispin, April 1989


I can hardly believe that it’s been thirteen years since I wrote the original StarBridge! In this case, it’s lucky thirteen, since the entire series is coming back out, thanks to Ridan Publishing. I am, in a word, thrilled. When I first began developing the StarBridge universe, in the late 80’s, I’d been writing professionally for only seven or eight years. Now I’m approaching my 29th year as a science fiction and fantasy author. Time flies when you’re having fun!

And the StarBridge series was fun. It was verged on indecent, how much fun I had, working on the universe, interacting with my co-authors (and friends) and developing those seven books. I’m just delighted that they’re coming back. Of course…it was a heckuva lot of work, I can’t deny that, either. I’ve never tackled a more ambitious project than creating the StarBridge universe and developing/helping to develop all the stories we set in it.

But you know…it was completely worth it. I’ve been proud of StarBridge all these years, and readers responded very positively to the series. Ever since e-books began their rise, I’ve received emails asking me about whether StarBridge would be re-released for e-book readers. I must have gotten a hundred or more. Some readers reported having read their original copies practically into shreds. Others told me they were missing one or more books in the series, and hadn’t been able to complete their collection. Still other readers wanted to give their kids the StarBridge series, but they were loath to hand over their own cherished copies, and their kids want to read everything off a screen.

Now everyone is going to get their chance to read the series again, thanks to Ridan and the whole e-book revolution.
Think of it…when I first wrote this book, there was no internet. There were no cellphones. If you made a phone call, you did it from home, not wherever you happened to be. Books were made of paper, either hardcover or paperback. If you wanted to carry five hardcover books with you on vacation, they’d weigh down your suitcase!

And, sadly, the Twin Towers stood proudly in New York, within sight of publisher’s row.

A lot has changed. Just thinking about it as I write this makes my head fairly spin.

What hasn’t changed, however, is the fact that science fiction readers still relish that sense of wonder and adventure that a well-told sf story brings them. When I developed this series, I thought long and hard about what I liked best about science fiction, and what I wanted to read about, and then I put it into StarBridge, and the books that followed after: Silent Dances, Shadow World, Serpent’s Gift, Silent Songs, Ancestor’s World, and Voices of Chaos.

If the series does well in re-release, there may be new, original StarBridge books yet to come. Kathy O’Malley and I have already begun thinking about a third book about Tesa. And one afternoon about ten years ago, I plotted a book where Rob and Mahree are reunited for an adventure in Sorrow Sector. I’d love to write that book someday. Frankly, the possibilities are pretty much endless…it’s a big universe!
Before I go, there are people who helped me bring StarBridge back, and I must acknowledge their efforts, and thank them most sincerely. I really, honestly, could never have done it without them:

Kathy O’Malley and Anne Moroz scanned most of the StarBridge books so they could be re-born as e-books. Thank you so very much, Kathy and Anne.

My collaborators, Kathy O’Malley, Jannean Elliott, Tom King and Ru Emerson proofread the OCR’d files and corrected them, to bring you fresh, newly updated versions of their books. Thank you, Kathy, Jannean, Tom and Ru.

Robin Sullivan and her staff at Ridan Publishing, who produced these wonderful electronic versions of our novels. Thank you!
Michael Capobianco, my husband, who helped me proofread books, and helped with many administrative details in launching this project and getting it finished on a pretty tight schedule. Thank you, Michael!

-Ann Crispin, November 2011

StarBridge is now available as an e-book!

Seasons Greetings!

My holiday “present” to everyone, besides free bookplates for Pirates of the Caribbean: The Price of Freedom, is that the StarBridge Series is finally going to be available as electronic editions! Over the past five or six years, I’ve gotten dozens of requests from my readers who have wanted to complete their collection of StarBridge books by reading them on their e-readers.

Now, thanks to Ridan Publishing, StarBridge, Book One is available in all major e-book formats on the Ridan website. It’s pending on and B&, and I’ll add the links as soon as it’s up. (B&N Nook link) (Amazon Kindle link) The first three StarBridge Books, StarBridge, Silent Dances, and Shadow World, will be out before the Christmas holiday, and the remaining four, Serpent’s Gift, Silent Songs, Ancestor’s World, and Voices of Chaos will be following early in the New Year.

I can’t tell you how thrilled I am about this. StarBridge has always been near and dear to my heart.

Tomorrow, I’ll post the brand-new “Author Afterword” I wrote for StarBridge so you can see what I had to say about revisiting a universe I love so much thirteen years after I thought I’d said goodbye to it forever.

If the e-editions do well, there may be MORE StarBridge adventures to come…I’m talking brand-new, original stories. So please…check them out!

Thank you,

-Ann C. Crispin

This blog is on hiatus

Hi, folks:

You might have noticed that I’ve been very sparse with blog posts lately. That’s because I’m spearheading a big project, and I just don’t have time to blog. My big project is that I’ve sold the StarBridge series to Ridan Publishing,, and they’ll be re-issuing the series as e-books, and, eventually, in print editions also.

The StarBridge series is seven books long. That’s a lot of books, even though most of them were written in collaboration, and my collaborators have been great in helping to get the series re-issued. Kathy O’Malley OCR’d all the books, and each of my collaborators proofed his or her own book. But as the series creator, and author or co-author of the books, I have to proof each book, as well as write new Author Notes for them, etc. It’s been a big task, and I’ve been working away at it for the past month or so. (Before that was Renovation and Dragoncon!)

So…I’ll revive the blog when I’m done, and until then, know that I’m doing what an author SHOULD be doing…writing, or writing-related works.

I hope that those of you who like First Contact science fiction will check out the StarBridge series. I believe Ridan plans to begin releasing them sometime in November.

Have a great Halloween!

-Ann C. Crispin

9/11 Reflections

It’s a bright, shiny day here, yet I find my spirits are flagging. It’s sobering remembering where I was ten years ago, glued to the televison in horror as the reports about the Twin Towers and the Pentagon poured in, and our Nation truly learned that “terror” is the root word in “terrorist.”

I think of the Americans that died 9/11, and how their families still live with this every day. So much is different now, from our airports to our highway signs. I can only begin to imagine the effect this has had on Muslim Americans.

It’s sad that this beautiful day must feel blighted, but if we Americans don’t remember, who will?


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I realize Worldcon is now several weeks past, but to me it seems almost as though I barely finished Worldcon in Reno, before I got on the plane to attend Dragon*Con in Atlanta.

I hadn’t been to a World Science Fiction Convention in years…I think the last one I did was the last two days of the Philadelphia Millennium Worldcon in 2001. So it had been a decade since I’d attended one! (They’re usually held over Labor Day weekend, and for years I’ve been teaching writing workshops at Dragon*Con.)
But this year, Worldcon and Dragon*Con were a little less than 2 weeks apart. Disney was willing to send me to Renovation to promote Pirates of the Caribbean: The Price of Freedom, so that seemed like a great opportunity to attend!

Michael and I flew out on Tuesday, August 16. We had a long flight to Reno, changing planes several times. (Michael always looks for the best fare, and he’s a whiz at finding them!) It was a long day, and we didn’t always get to sit together, since Disney had booked my ticket. I got the “economy plus” tickets on United and America, and boy, did I appreciate that extra leg room! I knew I was going to be on a Pirate panel with Tim Powers and other piratical experts, so I was brushing up on my pirate lore in flight, reviewing facts and figures in a nutshell in “The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Pirates.” While I was writing I knew all my pirate lore cold, but stuff fades when you’re not using it every day.

When we landed in Reno, of course there were games and slots waiting the moment we walked off the plane. I’d never been to Reno, but I’ve been to Las Vegas a couple of times, so it seemed quite similar. I confess that seeing advertisements for escort services right there in baggage claim made my eyes open wide. I’m just a lil country gal from the sticks at heart, and here I was, among the fleshpots, in a smaller rendition of Sin City.

Disney had booked my reservation for the Peppermill, the hotel 1.7 miles from the Reno Convention Center. I think our room received some kind of upgrade. It was good-sized, and contained an enormous jacuzzi about five feet from the king-sized bed. The jacuzzi would easily accommodate two adults, and there was a mirror in the ceiling above it. The bathroom was all stone tiles, and there was a gizmo in the shower stall that would turn it into a sauna. We took pictures of it before we left.

The décor in the Peppermill deserves a mention. I guess I’d characterize it as “pseudo-Roman-Tuscan-opulent-while- trying- to-be- elegant-but- nevertheless- tacky-but-in-a-fun-way.” Paintings in the style of Alma Tadema, or copies of his works ( lined the corridors with their baroque gold and wood-carved crown mouldings. White “marble” copies of Roman statues (many of them of dubious verisimilitude compared to the originals) decorated the outside, and bronze Roman style statues splashed in the fountains and the pool. The pool area was sybaritic. . . there is no other word. The bottoms of the swimming pools boasted glittering mosaics of the sun, mythological animals, etc. Something to look at while one swam laps…

The Peppermill had a spa in addition to the casino, and there the hotel had four or five Alma Tadema originals, borrowed from collections all over the world. They were much better than most of the copies. In addition to the enormous casino, the hotel boasted at least seven different restaurants, a workout room, the pools, and two wedding chapels. More about the restaurants later, when I talk about dinner dates.

Michael and I went to bed Tuesday night in a bed high enough that I had to climb up to get into it.

The next morning, Wednesday, I woke up early due to jet-lag (6 AM felt like 9 AM to me!). I pulled on some clothes and went exploring in the hotel, which I was very glad about later on. Scoped out where everything was…restaurants, casino (which filled most of the main floor) pools, etc. When I walked through the casino, I realized people are free to smoke in the casinos, which made me, with my asthma, scurry through them, holding my breath. I am NOT a gambler. Never seen the point, and my New England forebears taught me not to waste money, so it’s no hardship on me not to play. But I did, on the advice of a Brit fella I met while standing in line, pick up a “Player’s card” for people over 55. This proved to be a really good idea. It had great discounts, and we used it the whole time we were in Reno.

When I got back to the room, Michael was still asleep, but groggily agreed to get up and go to breakfast with me. We went downstairs to the “Island Buffet.” My Player’s card got us two breakfasts for the price of one, yay. The buffet was a temptation to eat too much, but since I’d already walked around the hotel for an hour or so, I didn’t feel too guilty about that. I stuck to (mostly) healthy stuff, and they had LOTS of beautiful fresh fruit.

When we went back up to the room, I put on my new lavender jacket, purple tank and white crop pants for the day’s activities. For the ease of Peppermill con-goers, there was a shuttle bus. But the darned thing was quite a hike away from the room, and one had to wait in the broiling sun for up to half 25 minutes to get on it. And I never did figure out where to catch it to go BACK to the Peppermill from the Atlantis or the convention center…especially after dark. So I wound up grabbing a cab most of the time, and often got to share cab rides, which worked out well.
My 1:00 PM panel was titled “Tourists: Creating Characters and Stories in an Existing World.” Brandon Sanderson didn’t make it to the panel, but Paul Cornell, Dean Wesley Smith, and Melinda Snodgrass and I had a good time sharing experiences while writing tie-in fiction. After the panel, I headed over to find the SFWA Suite, which was in the Atlantis hotel, which adjoined the convention center.

The SFWA suite in the Atlantis was nice. I’ve worked in a dozen or more SFWA suites during Worldcons, but this time I sternly resisted the urge to start mixing drinks or hauling out trash. I’d done a LOT of walking by that time, so I was glad to just sit down and rest, while watching Jim Fiscus and other SFWA volunteers scurry around, unpacking. After the suite supplies were mostly unpacked and stowed, Western Regional Director Jim Fiscus, Michael and I went to dinner in “The Purple Parrot” in the Atlantis. The food was. . . okay. Plentiful. I took a box back to the room with me, glad we had a fridge in the room.

Michael and I took a jacuzzi. The hot water was nice, though that mirror overhead left us giggling.

(More to come…)

Attention, readers of Pirates of the Caribbean: The Price of Freedom.

Do you have your copy of The Price of Freedom yet? If you have the novel, or have ordered it, and would like it AUTOGRAPHED, I’d be happy to do that for you. Of course, it’s a big book, and expensive to ship, so instead you might want to take advantage of the FREE, collector-edition bookplates Disney supplied me with for this book. They are gorgeous. They show the infamous skull that’s the back cover of the book, against a background of blue ocean and endless sky. The skull depicted is the one used in “On Stranger Tides.”

The bookplates are about four inches high, by three inches wide. They fit perfectly below the title of the book on the first title page. I sign them in red ink, which shows up very nicely, and I’m happy to personalize them.

When you get your bookplate, all you have to do is carefully peel off the back, and it will stick into your book, and hey! You have a personally autographed book! Neat, huh?

To receive your copy of the bookplate, send a SASE (stamped, self-addressed envelope) with instructions as to who you want it signed to, and any special message, such as “Congratulations, Graduate!” or “Happy Birthday” — you get the idea.

Send the request, with the SASE, to: Ann Crispin, P.O. Box 827, Bryantown, MD 20617-0827.

People keep asking me if there are bookplates available, and Disney has generously provided me with more. So send that SASE and have a personalized, autographed collector edition book. I’ve signed less than 500 bookplates, where I’m approaching 1000 autographed copies of the actual book…so, in a way, the bookplates are more of a collector’s item!

As always, if anyone would like to comment on the book, or ask questions, go for it! Just put a spoiler warning before typing anything that’s a major plot revelation, okay?

-Ann C. Crispin