I know this may get me really disliked, but I just can’t get into the Star Trek “reboots.” I know they’re an “alternate universe” and all that, but I know ST so well that I am continually being yanked out of the story by continuity changes. Plot elements like Chris Pike dying, and McCoy casually having tribbles hanging around his lab were incredibly distracting to me. The acting is good on the part of the actors…I’m not blaming them. My favorite characterization is Karl Urban as Dr. McCoy. He rings “truer” to me than any of the other rebooted characters.

WARNING: Spoiler Alert!

I had problems with the Enterprise being hidden from the inhabitants of Niburu underwater. Why do that? If they’d stayed in orbit, there would have been no violation of the Prime Directive. Basically, they did it because it’s never been done before, and they thought it would look kewl. Insufficient reason, in my book.

Benedict Cumberbatch is an excellent actor. I love him in Sherlock Holmes. But he’s WHITE. Khan Noonian Singh was supposed to be Eastern Indian, a genetically engineered superman from the Eugenics Wars, not a pale, ascetic-looking Caucasian. I found that incredibly distracting. And the moment I heard how many torpedoes there were, I know doggone well what was inside them. I confess to missing a resolution that would have placed those hibernation tubes aboard a ship called “Botany Bay.” Oh, well.

A lot of the script had things happening willy-nilly, just as they did in the first reboot film. Why would “John Harrison” long-range beam to Kronos? (Where Praxis had obviously blown up about five decades early.) Carol Marcus really had no reason to be the person who came aboard the Enterprise with the torpedoes. She was a scientist, not a weapons expert. There wasn’t a hint of attraction between her and Kirk, except perhaps for that (gratuitous, IMHO) scene where she peels down to her sexy black undies.

I could go on, but what all this boils down to is the same problem I had during the first reboot film, to wit: I just didn’t CARE. The plot had so many glitches and inconsistencies that even the efforts of the actors couldn’t save it. The scene where they reprised a version of Spock’s death in “Wrath of Khan” made me roll my eyes instead of tearing up. Ho hum.

For a good analysis of the plot holes and script inconsistencies, I recommend Keith de Candido’s review that he wrote on the Tor page. Keith knows Star Trek as well as I do, possibly even better (he’s written for the franchise more recently than I have). His comments were spot on.

On the other hand, if you, like the majority of Star Trek fans, love the reboots and are willing to overlook all of the plot glitches because of excellent special effects and lots of action, just be happy that the reboots are successful, and will obviously continue.

Personally, I don’t care either way. Just call me a continuity curmudgeon from the Jurassic, because that’s what I am. 😉