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I saw two films this week: the remake of Total Recall, and The Dark Knight Rises.

I can’t really recommend either of them, though I enjoyed Total Recall more. It was exciting to watch, but the whole concept of
“the Fall” was ridiculous. A machine that sends a transport through the molten core of the planent? And reverses gravity halfway through the trip? I’m no scientist, but even I knew th…at was just plain silly. Michael confirmed my complaint afterwards, and he DOES know such things. I remembered that the first “Total Recall,” starring the former Governator was silly, too. The set designs for this movie were visually arresting, reminiscent of Bladerunner with a large dollop of Inception swirled in. The acting was…okay. Colin Ferrell can do better, I’ve seen him do it.

We saw The Dark Knight Rises last night at the IMAX theater in the Air and Space Museum. At least that way I didn’t worry at all about security, since the museum checks bags and you walk in through a metal detector. A James Holmes copycat wouldn’t be able to smuggle in an arsenal.

TDKR was simply riddled with plot holes, and it was incredibly long. The best thing about it was Anne Hathaway as Catwoman… she made a really good Catwoman. Michael Caine was, of course, fine as Alfred. The actor who played the young detective was also good. The rest of the performances, including Christian Bales’s, left me cold. I just didn’t give a damn.

Most of my indifference came from the plot, which kept slapping me in the face with plot holes you could throw most of Gotham City through. Gotham City itself looked like some kind of weird cross between NYC and someplace I’ve never seen before. Isn’t Gotham supposed to be Chicago, or am I wrong about that?

My nether regions were really grateful when the film ended and I could stand up. My rear hasn’t been so atrophied from sitting in a theater since Michael dragged me to “trilogy Tuesday” to see ALL THREE of the Lord of the Rings films IN ONE DAY. The first two were the DIRECTOR’S CUTS. Let me tell you, by the time Samwise and Frodo were crawling up Mount Doom, I knew just how they felt. It was fun in retrospect, but an exercise in endurance at the time.

After finishing the Batman film, we drove by Shirlington and got a late supper at The Luna Cafe. All in all, a fun “date night.” Michael and I had a great time enumerating all those plot holes between bites. 🙂