It’s a beautiful spring day here in the Washington DC area, and I’m taking that as an auspicious omen for the activation of this blog.  First of all, I’d like to thank all the folks who gave me advice about blogging, and how to set up a blog, including my webmaster, Brian Mitchell, who designed this page to complement my main website, www.accrispin.com.

I’m feeling my way into this blogging thing, creeping along like a ship with storm canvas up in a pea-soup fog.  So please be patient while I take depth soundings and attempt to avoid the rocks. <smile>  My goal is to blog several times a week, but, since I need time to work on my new book, don’t expect a post every day, okay?

By the way, I just finished a lengthy interview for StarTrek.com, where I was the most detailed and honest I’ve ever been about writing for the Star Trek novel program.  And I’m afraid my reaction to the popular 2009 Star Trek “prequel” was a solid thumbs down.  Anyway, I’ll post the link when it’s up for those who would be interested in reading it.

Welcome to my blog!

-Ann C. Crispin