Ahoy mates! Here, as promised, are the answers to the Pirates of the Caribbean trivia contest. Diana and Chris, I received your emails and will be mailing out your autographed copies of The Price of Freedom tomorrow. Again, thanks to everyone who participated!

1. Which of his cherished personal “effects” did Jack Sparrow lose in “On Stranger Tides?”
Answer: His beloved brown leather tricorne hat and his frock coat.
One of the entrants pointed out that he also dropped a sort of whip-line thing into the street in London when he was shinnying out the window of the palace, and a boy picked it up. Very observant…but that wasn’t the answer I was looking for.

2. What is the name of the ship Elizabeth Swann stows away on during “Dead Man’s Chest?”
Answer: The Edinborough Trader

3. Two part question: In The Price of Freedom, what is the name of the Pirate Lord of the Caspian Sea? What is the name of his vessel? (each part is worth 2.5 points)
Answer: Boris (Borya) Palachnik, who was Captain of a ship named Koldunya.

4. In the film epilogue to “At World’s End,” how old is the child we see with Elizabeth Turner?
Answer: (This was a toughie, but two people got it!) He would have been nine years and three months old.

5. In The Price of Freedom, what does Cutler Beckett collect that Jack Sparrow admires, and attempts to touch?
Answer: Cutler Becket’s netsuke collection.

6. What was Governor Swann’s first name?
Answer: Weatherby Swann.

7. What sea creatures festooned “Bootstrap Bill” Turner ‘s face while he served aboard The Flying Dutchman?
Answer: (Note that I said “sea creatures” plural!) A starfish and barnacles.

8. What was the name of Captain Barbossa’s Royal Navy ship in “On Stranger Tides?”
Answer: HMS Providence

9. When Jack Sparrow negotiated with Davy Jones, how long did Captain Jones give him to be Captain of the Black Pearl before his debt to Jones had to be paid?
Answer: 13 years.
Jack got to be Captain of the Black Pearl for thirteen years in exchange for serving for 100 years before the mast aboard the Flying Dutchman.

10. In The Price of Freedom, what is the name and rank of Ayisha’s mother?
Answer: Queen Tiyy

11. Two-part question: In “Curse of the Black Pearl” which of Barbossa’s cursed crewmen had only one eye? What was the significance of this crewman’s wooden eye? (Each answer is worth 2.5 points.)
Answer: Ragetti’s wooden eye, which was actually Captain Barbossa’s piece of eight.

12. As seen in The Price of Freedom, what kind of cannon does the Wicked Wench have on her gun deck, (also referred to as the main deck)?
Answer: Twelve pounders. (BIG cannon!)

13. Which three Spanish conquistadores/explorers are mentioned by name in the POTC films?
Hernan Cortez, Francisco Pizarro, and Juan Ponce de Leon. (I gave full credit even if response was just the last names.)

14. What type of ship is Cutler Beckett’s flagship, The Endeavour, as shown in “At World’s End?”
Answer: A first-rate ship of the line. I would have also accepted “battleship,” since that’s an alternate way of saying the same thing.
15. In The Price of Freedom, what is Captain Teague’s first name?
Answer: Edward

16. In “Curse of the Black Pearl” which famous pirates established the rules for “parley?”
Answer: Henry Morgan and Bartholomew (“Black Bart”) Roberts. I gave credit for just names used in the film, which were “Morgan and Bartholomew.”
Real history note: These two famous buccaneers were NOT contemporaries, so they couldn’t have gotten together to create any additions to the Pirates Code. Their piratical careers were separated in time by three decades. Henry Morgan died in 1688. He was 53. Bartholomew Roberts died in 1722 at the age of 40, and he’d been a pirate for only four years. (During that period he took almost 400 ships, however!)

17. In The Price of Freedom, where did Doña Pirata first learn to fence?
Answer: Her grandfather, Don Rafael taught her, plus she hired the finest fencing masters in Barcelona while she was attending the convent school there. (I accepted “Barcelona” as a full-credit response.)

18. In “At World’s End,” what is the name of Captain Sao Feng’s flagship?
Answer: The Empress

19. In The Price of Freedom, what item of clothing worn by Princess Amenirdis casts a powerful illusion?
Answer: The gray shawl she always wears.

20. In “On Stranger Tides” what is the bottom-most item on the new “dingle” that hangs down over the left side of Jack’s red bandanna?

Answer: A gold tooth. In an interview, Johnny Depp stated that Jack Sparrow lost one of his gold teeth and accidentally swallowed it. When it reappeared, he attached it to his dingle. Can’t throw away gold, savvy?

21. (The tiebreaker essay question): Briefly explain why you hope you’re the one to win this trivia contest and an autographed copy of Pirates of the Caribbean: The Price of Freedom. Here are the two essay responses:

Chris Karstens:
• I would love to win the autographed copy as a gift for my Mother-in-law. She is a great fan of Captain Jack and the Pirates of the Caribbean movies, as am I. The book would be a wonderful token of my thanks and gratitude for all the work she did planning my wedding a few years back, and as a gift it would hold far more sentimental value than anything I could spend money on. Her diligence spared us huge amounts of stress, and both the ceremony and reception turned out beautifully. Our friends and family keep telling us how perfect everything was, so I wanted to do something for her that would have value outside of the money spent. My wife and I agree that this would be perfect. I was already considering getting her a copy of the book, but a signed copy that was won would be far more personal. Since I already purchased a copy of The Price of Freedom I didn’t need a second one for myself, and cannot think of anything I could get for her that she would enjoy more.

• Diana Quirk:
• I hope to win this trivia contest and an autograph copy of the book because July 1st is my 30th birthday. It would be a nice present to have for a milestone birthday.

So, there you have it, mates. I hope you’ll all join me in wishing Diana a very happy birthday, and congratulations to Chris on his nuptials!

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Thanks very much for participating in the trivia contest!

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