silent_passion_cover_largeHappy Holidays!

StarBridge fans and potential new readers take note: there is a “new” voyage to Trinity, one of our favorite StarBridge planets, “Silent Passion.” A shorter version of “Silent Passion” by my Trinity collaborator, Kathleen O’Malley, first appeared in the gay-themed, limited-edition anthology “Bending the Landscape: Science Fiction,” published by Meisha Merlin. This 12,000 word novelette features new characters and new problems for two humans assigned to work with the planet’s dominant sentient species, the huge white-winged beings humans have dubbed the “Grus” because of their resemblance to Earth’s whooping cranes.

For those who haven’t encountered Trinity before, it’s a world Kathy and I developed that was based on Earth during the Pleistocene era – a world filled with autumn colors and giant creatures…many of which have proved to be sentient. The two StarBridge novels about Trinity, Silent Dances ( and Silent Songs (, featured science fiction’s first Deaf protagonist, Tesa. Of Lakota Sioux heritage, Tesa’s first assignment upon graduating from StarBridge Academy proved more challenging than anyone – especially Tesa – could have imagined. In the sequel, Silent Songs, Tesa has to lead the humans and the inhabitants of Trinity against a relentless – and highly unusual – foe as they fight to repel an alien invasion.

To introduce readers to Trinity, we’re offering a special price for the holiday Kindle Unwrapping season. Starting today, and continuing through next month, Silent Passion will be on sale for 99 cents, and the two Trinity novels, Silent Dances and Silent Songs will be reduced to $2.99 each. For now, Silent Passion will only be on sale for the Kindle. If you’re interested in an epub version, email me at

Now is the time to visit Trinity, whether you’re a long-time StarBridge reader revisiting a world you loved, or a new reader, discovering it for the first time.